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Wi-Fi Setup~

At first boot, when no Wi-Fi setup is found, the device will create an initial Access Point for configuring the device. If the touchscreen is properly connected it will display a QR code, along with a temporary SSID and password, to connect to the device.

Advanced Users

To skip this step, Wi-Fi credentials can be saved into the .bin file when you compile the firmware yourself using customization.

Either use the touchscreen interface or connect via a web browser to setup the credentials for your local Wi-Fi access point:

Using Touchscreen~

  1. Tap on the screen to start a Touch Calibration sequence:
  2. Precisely touch the 4 corners as indicated
  3. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your local SSID and password
  4. Tap on the Checkmark button in the lower righthand corner to save the settings

The device will validate the entered credentials and reboot if they are correct.

Using Wi-Fi Access-Point~

Connect to the temporary Access Point by scanning the QR on the display, if available. Or Check the serial log for the SSID and password to connect.

  • Once connected, your browser should automatically connect to (captive portal address)
  • Enter your local SSID and password for joining the device to your wireless network
  • Click Save Settings
  • The device will automatically reboot and connect to your wireless LAN

Using Command line~

You can also directly configure the Wi-Fi settings via the serial console:

ssid myAccessPointName
pass myWifiPassword

Last update: 2024-06-07