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MQTT Topics~

hasp/plate01/command/ is for sending commands to the screen hasp/plate01/state/ is for receiving updates from the screen

So the topic depends on the direction of the data flow.

Sending a message to topic hasp/plate01/command/p1b2.val with payload 25 would be a valid command. You can send a test MQTT message with a standalone program like MQTT Explorer or mosuito_pub.

Issuing commands~

Commands can be issued via the Serial commandline, telnet commandline or MQTT.

For MQTT, you can use either:

  • hasp/<nodename>/command topic with payload <keyword>=<parameter(s)>
  • hasp/<nodename>/command/<keyword> topic with payload <parameter(s)>
    Leave the payload empty to get the current state without changing it.

Last update: 2024-06-07