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Flash ESP8266~

The performance of the ESP8266 will be slow due to its low memory and CPU frequency. It is okay for getting started, for small project where speed is not needed or when you have one at hand.


ESP8266 support will be removed in a future update. Please migrate to the ESP32.

Download the firmware~

Go to the releases page on GitHub to download the latest openHASP binaries.

Pick the one appropriate for ESP8266:

  • d1-mini-esp8266_ili9341_v0.6.0.bin


You can also download the nightly openHASP file from the Actions tab on Github.

Install the firmware~

Flash ESP8266~

For ESP8266 you only need one single .bin file:

Using Tasmotizer~


When flashing the ESP8266 for the first time, it is best to erase the flash before uploading the new firmware:

2 -p "COM1" erase_flash -p "COM1" write_flash --flash_mode qio 0x0 d1-mini-esp8266_ili9341_v0.6.0.bin

Change COM1 to the correct port on your computer and 4m to the correct size of the internal flash chip.

Last update: 2022-06-04
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